Work to be specific, web site should be more single-minded

is a cool webmaster forum Liezi, from registration to now just a few months has been changed several times, completely changed, this is to search engine Dutch act. This is my domain name in the 4.cn50 yuan to buy, is a former site navigation station, up to now, there are a lot of Google are included in the original, garbage station I will keep updating, let each big search engine included normal.

I personally feel that what or what to do can exercise this occupation, I think we should all get the feeling that you are beginning to learn Jianzhan hold what attitude? Is curiosity or overnight? When you learn a certain degree or a certain position you would be a kind of attitude to their own website, when a beginner can use a word to describe: "eat hot tofu". Steadfast man, honestly do stand, quote a sentence: "say, do stand, such as a man", then we will site as yourself, society is very big, and I’m very small. The network greatly, and my website is very small, the way to the station, how to do? Don’t say they’re not what technology can do, don’t give yourself the ability to locate, don’t make yourself a mouse, or the cat will eat you.

say you busy day today, a day, well done, do what you gotta do, do not always think of the effect, can not see, you usually go to work and how much is it your boss will give you a knot wage? Is not a month for a month node, right? I want to say is to insist on is victory, as long as you insist will succeed, there happened a year earlier, unsuccessful, two years, two years is not successful… One day will be successful, in this period also is the technology and experience in the long time, technology, experience, success is still far? On site the most basic domain space of what must be willing to spend money, as one of the most basic to solve the problem of food and clothing you will be comfortable, if even the website security and stability can not solve what is success?

not much, just want to cheer yourself, recently doing what all bad luck, awards are not, so a little bit. Hope all the webmaster do better and better!


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