The A5 security team Ryoko about PhpMySql security

PhpMySql account security

Hello everyone. I remember a few period Admin5 Ryoko told a security mysql. So here’s the security of creating an account that combines them. To protect the security of the server.

on a server is generally more than one site, and more than one MySQL (and the best combination of PHP) database. To prevent security risks, we typically set up separate database access accounts for each database, which has only access to the database. Let’s make a specific demonstration:

1: login to phpmyadmin. I’m not going to explain how to set up phpMyAdmin here.

2: create a database, as follows, fill in the database created, you can create points.


, for example, we’re going to create a tooldiy library, and when you create a success, you’ll have the following hint:


and then click on the home directory to go back to the main page of phpmyadmin.

then we’ll create the account and click the permissions of the interface to set it up.




here, I wrote an account for tooldiy. Local connections only. Password is tool. The following Generate Password is a random password. You are not advised to set up. No other settings below. Direct click to generate.


so you have completed a creation. Next, let’s set permissions.

here, we have all set up, created a database: tooldiy, and created the database user tooldi, in particular specified that the user only access to tooldiy. Thus, we achieve the purpose of our initial talk: specify separate user access rights for each database.


if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


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