Li Rucheng made the clothing industry booming

Li Rucheng, chairman of YOUNGOR group, is a well-known entrepreneur, after walking on the capital operation of the road, was named the "work" of entrepreneurs. "I was a farmer, my business is agriculture. Then I do a clothing factory, started production of shirts, this is a proper job. In the shirt factory to a certain size, I want to introduce a suit production line, production for this suit, shirt factory, it is worthless. As for the real estate, we actually do very early, which began in 1992, so that the "worthless" long-standing."

— for evaluation of his "work", so Li Rucheng replied with a smile.

clothing King

in the YOUNGOR group a antique conference room, Li Rucheng opened the chatterbox. In 1979, now Ningbo Yinzhou District, then the county stone? Town, set up a youth clothing factory.

is the factory, is just a dwelling in the basement of the stage of small workshops, several household sewing machine is 20 thousand yuan youth placement fee to buy, ruler, scissors, stool is a worker with the main processing plant for another vest, shorts, cuff gadgets like.

A year after the

YOUNGOR (YOUNGOR) is "Youth" two words. As Li said, "YOUNGOR" is the "Youth" factory of historical continuity, and entrusted with the expectations for the future. In August 1990, the company set up a joint venture with Macao Nanko factory, a new joint venture YOUNGOR Garment Co. Ltd. was established.

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