What are some of the basics to open a gallery

in the new era, a variety of entrepreneurial opportunities are constantly coming out, as long as there is a business market, it will become a lot of investors chasing the investment object. For this reason, the gallery will be the hot investment market. However, if you want to successfully open a gallery, you need to meet the relevant foundation. So, what are some of the basics of opening a gallery?

gallery to make money, money people with certainty. Now the auction unpopular, all the paintings are on the rise, more and more people want to buy paintings to invest money, then, there is not enough to use the gallery. Now open gallery, like in the hot stock market, the securities business department, personnel, site cost is not much, so many people even if there is only one hundred million, had some battles.

they are so smart, and I bought the painting as a direct investment, business work, a month sold 35 paintings, each earned a 10000 block, rent, personnel costs all came out, the remaining, sell a piece of a piece of money. If you find satisfying work, keep the future, earn a lot of money on auction. Painting this thing is not the same as other commodities, will not expire, do not account for a place, a small room can put dozens.

do not know whether this attitude is accurate. In fact, in the past two or three months, Shanghai has opened more than a year before the new gallery, the gallery industry really came in the spring? Is it really easy to make money from a gallery? We got a different opinion.

the history of today’s Shanghai art gallery is only 10 years old, but now there are galleries with a length of between 8 and 10 years old. If you don’t go to an art gallery for more than a year, you’ll have to make a phone call to see if the gallery is still open. The gallery in Shanghai was down, homely food.

because, after all, the gallery is a small minority can not be a small category, rent and other pressures will not be less than the number of selling bread. Right now the market is very good, but the characteristics of the small niche consumers do not change the gallery, once the economic downturn, gallery owners will soon feel the pressure, change is the only choice. The opening of the Shanghai gallery for many years has proved this point.

the old master said, really want to open the gallery can, after all the direction of the economy is generally good, but also Strike while the iron is hot. commercial law, there must be a certain basis, open gallery. The following are the following:

first, must have good connections, is very familiar with the circle, painters see you smile, in order to get the picture, get a good picture.

second, there must be a good shop. The location of the shop, the business district is very particular about the location, the sale of high-grade original paintings can not be opened in the ordinary village, the conditions may wish to buy the store business, as opposed to the risk. >

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