How to turn the loss of women’s clothing store

now do not do business in the store, which is a consensus that many bosses have, this is not, some shops can not even hold on. Ms. Wang opened a women’s clothing store in Shanghai, the business has been very cold, it is about to go on, due to sustained losses, every day in pain and anxiety spent. Through a friend to find me, please I eat to help her sort out the operating ideas.

first, Ms. Wang found more than and 10 brand handbag shop, cooperate with each other, where the handbag shop shopping full 1000 yuan, "Ms. Wang dress shop immediately donated 200 yuan cash coupon and 95 yuan worth of key exchange coupon."

‘s handbag shop does not need to pay any fees, but also can enhance the attractiveness to customers, willing cooperation. Of course, not 100 percent, do not want to give up on his cooperation, and quickly find the next.

holds the key buckle coupons and 200 yuan cash coupon customers, 100% of all came to Ms. Wang’s store, Ms. Wang traffic, instantly soared more than 700%


Ms. Wang shop

women’s clothing, the price range between 300 yuan to 800 yuan, of which there is a $600 is the best-selling models, customers will be attracted by this woman.

, however, the real highlight is that Ms. Wang shop clerk, will smile to the customer, said: "beautiful, do you know? You can get this free 600 yuan worth of women’s clothing!"

most people hear this eye will light up, this is human nature.

attendant said: as long as you recharge 800 yuan to become a member, this dress as a gift to you. Members of Cary’s 800 yuan you can always buy other goods."

"and, you can also enjoy a value of 298 yuan meridian physiotherapy, provided by our head office beauty shop!"

originally, Ms. Wang with this thinking, persuaded a high-end beauty shop with her cooperation. As a result, there are nearly 50% of the family prepaid $800 membership card.

more exciting and that in the store consumer customers, sending a 300 yuan cash coupon, can be transmitted to her friends and family. This method is very powerful, easy to achieve the customer’s referral.

for a small number of customers do not recharge, did not buy any goods, Ms. Wang also put the other side of the data register storage, for the follow-up services, until the other party to buy.

now, Ms. Wang store customers flocked. She realized easily

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