Shanghai into interactive entertainment innovation entrepreneurship heights

in recent years, the development of the domestic entertainment industry can be said to be fast, the game industry is a new high technology industry in the country, the momentum of development are very good, has brought many new opportunities in the future of the gaming industry will.

"the mass innovation entrepreneurship" is Shanghai interactive entertainment industry set off a heat wave. The latest release of the 2014 Shanghai game industry publishing report shows that last year, Shanghai online game sales revenue of $37 billion 700 million, accounting for 32.9% of the country. "Play" this piece of heaven and earth, the average age is 27 year old Shanghai 7 million visitors. It is worth noting that 70 thousand of the people who come from Shanda, giants such giants, there are a lot of new game companies from the rise, or even less than a hundred entrepreneurial team. The statistics show that the new entrepreneurial game companies accounted for nearly 50% of the total.

"drink coffee will be able to negotiate cooperation

"provides the rapid growth of energy of Shanghai innovation environment for interactive entertainment industry." Lilith relevant responsible person said, Shanghai is a gaming giant, there are also many entrepreneurial buddy, industrial agglomeration benefits and ecological gradient, provides space and resources for entrepreneurs. Many entrepreneurial recommendations

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