How to face the new and old

more entrepreneurs are in the choice of employment in entrepreneurship, with resources, with entrepreneurial channels, more confident, more internal entrepreneurship is a common phenomenon, but in the face of the new and old place is also a major problem. The following experience to share, learn quickly!

PS:, a friend suggested that I share more recently, I am actually very happy to share some more thinking and reflection of the industry inside and outside things, but in the current 7 days a week working conditions are rarely able to finish something independent, but after will be more to comment instead of a long and minute statement.

I do the Internet, to provide Internet plus solutions for the line of stores, to provide marketing and management tools for automobile service shop (here is soft, wide) has accumulated in the industry for 10 years of experience. In the process of enterprise development, aging, there are also many internal deficiencies, how to maintain their own enterprises in the environment in the healthy and smooth development, although only a product manager, but I often say: do not know how to do the internal operation, not a good product manager. And this article, but also a friend recommended for the sharing of friends share.

if there is fruit, always on top of the monkey to eat. For the monkeys on the climb, they have to face a lot of monkey ass. How high you can climb depends on how good they are. Stay on top of the monkey, do not slip down, unless the old, hold down the branches, or below the monkey to play hard young and strong.

in troubled times, the upper monkey will break several branches, the monkeys whip. The monkeys were falling down, and there was a monkey falling from the tree. These unfortunate people get compensation, they fell from the tree!

the The new supersedes the old. a natural law, seemingly, but, as described in the story, the upper monkeys have more to eat fruit, is not a voluntary fall. Therefore, to let the monkeys have the opportunity to climb up, in addition to the skills of the monkey itself, the enterprise seems to need to do something.

development during the transition period

1996 in January, HUAWEI has been an insider called the world, crying ghosts, the event – the collective resignation of the market. At that time, HUAWEI Marketing Department of all cadres, from the director of marketing executive to each regional office, director of the office of all cadres above must be submitted two reports, a report, a resignation, take an approach to the respondent, the company according to their performance, development potential is recommended

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