Ulan county to carry out five to send activities to promote employment and Entrepreneurship

governments at all levels in the implementation of entrepreneurship policy, we must remember the need to understand the real needs of local entrepreneurs, to ensure that each entrepreneurial support policies can be implemented to help entrepreneurs early career. Qinghai Ulan County in the investigation on the basis of conversation to understand the needs of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship driven employment projects.

800 more than farmers and herdsmen are participating in the practical technical training, Chinese wolfberry and sheep breeding picking, electrical welding, driving and other farmers and herdsmen, issuing small subsidized loans 3 million 730 thousand yuan for 42 people, realize the beauty salons, catering and tourism entrepreneurial projects 42, entrepreneurship to promote re employment of 86 people.

West to business face more difficult, so the employment platform is very important in helping. The government should actively guide farmers and herdsmen to understand the latest policy to help, tap the market potential, under the help of entrepreneurial policies, so that more farmers and herdsmen smooth start.

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