first_imgGood day…  And a Tom Terrific Tuesday to you! Isaac continues to move through the Gulf, and toward New Orleans. It’s eerie and scary that Katrina hit New Orleans on August 29, 2005, Isaac could hit the same day, 7 years later. I can’t imagine how the people that live in that area of the Gulf are dealing with this, horrible reminder, and the oncoming Isaac.  My thoughts, are with these people.Ok. well, yesterday morning, I received an email from a currency dealer, telling me that China had announced a large stimulus package for their slowing economy.  But then there was no other reporting of such stimulus.  I scoured the news wires and couldn’t find even a mention of stimulus. So, either this dealer knows something that no one else knows, or they received some bad intel.  But, I believed it, hook, line and sinker, for this is what I’ve been waiting for.  Yesterday, I looked out at the 1-year forward points, and couldn’t believe my eye! 1-year forwards, which on a non-deliverable forward like Chinese renminbi / yuan, is as much speculation as it is interest rate differential. and the speculators are seeing the renminbi / yuan much weaker in a year from now.  Really? I thought. Really?  I’m not buying into that thought. But that’s what the speculators have pushed the forward rates to.So. the currencies kind of drifted yesterday, with no real conviction to move higher, and just a slight bias for them to move lower.  As I  said yesterday, there wasn’t much in the way of data, anywhere in the world, so, the currencies & metals were left to trade on their own merits.  And these days, that’s not good enough to move higher. apparently!This morning, the euro has moved higher to 1.2550. But the Aussie and New Zealand dollars are both seeing weakness.. Which is further proof to me that no stimulus in China was announced, stealth-wise or not, otherwise these two currencies would be stronger this morning.  The euro got a boost when Spain announced that their auction of bonds this morning went well, and borrowing costs fell to a 4 month low.Well. last week I told you about how September would be chock-full-o-event-risks… And didn’t even mention the Big Kahuna of a Fed meeting will  take place the 2nd week of September. and should, in my opinion hold the announcement of additional stimulus.  You see, not a lot of people catch on to these things, but just like you can’t sneak the sun past the rooster, you can’t sneak these things past me!  The thing I’m talking about is the statement in the FOMC meeting minutes from August that unless the economy showed strong progress, that additional stimulus would come “fairly soon”.   Folks, they basically told us that it would come at the next meeting!By doing this in September, they hope to not look political.  So. there!  And for anyone caught by surprise next month at the Fed action, then they obviously weren’t listening to the Fed Heads, or reading the Pfennig! And all the talk by hawks like Plosser and Fisher, which should be the voices of reason, are not the consensus of the FOMC. So, when you read a statement from a Fed Head that’s a hawk, you might be moved to think that no additional stimulus is in the cards.   and. if you agree with Goldman Sachs. you’ll come to that same conclusion..Goldman recently issued a statement that goes: “our best estimate is that it will take until late 2012 / early 2013 before Fed Officials return to balance sheet expansion.”    So, folks.. this is really a conundrum for the markets. Will they or won’t they?   I lean toward what I always fall back on. my thought that the Fed Heads “feel” like they need to stimulate the economy.  and that the “fairly soon” comment is like smoke. and you know what I always say. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.Saw this in the Washington Post, and thought it played well with my thought that while austerity plans and implementation slows down an economy short-term, they do not put a lid on economic growth  further down the road, due to the fact that the Gov’t has less debt to have to deal with.   But here’s the Washington Post from this past weekend.“In Ireland’s case that has meant a jump in employment late last year, a smidgen of new growth, and success in persuading global investors to buy several billion dollars of long-term government bonds in July. Portugal has not done as well, but its exports are growing, budget targets are being met, and growth is expected to resume next year.”So. you CAN implement austerity measures, and come out on the other side in better shape. That’s what I’ve been telling audiences for over a year now.  The Eurozone, if held together, and I have no reason to believe it won’t be held together, in 3 to 5 years out, will be much better off having gone through the pain of austerity. Sure the Eurozone economy, as a whole, will suffer, and there will be pain, but as the old football coach used to tell me: “There’s no gain without pain”.  And in 3 to 5 years, the euro will once again be the currency to own, for the Eurozone debt picture will look completely different. And the U.S.’s debt picture? Or Japan’s debt picture? Or even the U.K.’s debt picture?  Well. none of these will have gone down the austerity road. Shoot Rudy, the U.S.’s GPS system can’t even find that road!According to the WSJ, the ratings agency, Fitch, has warned the U.S.  that their AAA rating is at risk of a downgrade by the end of the 1st half of 2013.   Nothing like dragging this out. Fitch has a had a negative outlook on the U.S. since December 2011, and they keep warning the U.S. administration that they will cut the rating next year, if the administration does not create a “credible” fiscal consolidation plan.In the latest poll on the U.S. economy. 2 of 3 people polled believe the U.S. is on the wrong track for economic growth. Well. are those 2 of 3 people prepared to do deal with the pain that will correct that track? I doubt itSooner or later, France will come back into the austerity fold.. The markets in France are already losing faith in French President, Hollande.  France has rising unemployment, widening current account deficit and budget deficit. the economy hasn’t grown in 3 quarters, and now after returning from a 15-day summer vacation, Hollande has to figure out how to fill a 30 Billion euros budget hole.  Remember that Hollande ran on promise that he would cut the budget deficit to 4.5% of GDP this year, and to 3% of GDP next year, from the current level of 5.2% of GDP.So. Hollande knew he couldn’t win the election if he talked about joining in with Germany and the austerity program. Then President, Sarkozy, ran with that.  But now, Hollande has to figure out.. How to do that. Reminds me of that old TV show joke. where they would ask the guy to do some outlandish thing, and he would say, “I can do that. and then mutter, How am I going to do that?   That’s Hollande.   my bet, as it always has been that he’ll come back to German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, with his tail between his legs, and ask for forgiveness.  just my opinion. but, history tells me this is what happens between French and German leaders.So, look for France to begin an austerity program soon.  You know, there are a lot of economists out there, that think that the austerity way of doing things is wrong.  But to them, kicking the can down the road with more debt, and hoping that you can inflate the debt away, just doesn’t sound good to me. I would rather pay the piper now.Well, switching gears here. I’m pretty shocked to see that the price of Oil slipped yesterday. Isaac has now idled 78% of U.S. Gulf Oil production, and the fire at the Venezuelan refinery continues to burn. Oil Production is getting hit hard,  and we all know that means at the gas pump. The U.S. economy can’t carry a higher gas price too.I mentioned yesterday that the Swedish krona was the best performing currency in the overnight markets of Sunday and Monday morning.  I had a Pfennig Reader send me a note from Sweden, telling me that the markets are screaming for a rate cut, to help weaken the krona, but the Central Bank Gov. is having none of that. In fact the reports are that the Riksbank has been buying krona.But then this morning, I see this story on the Bloomberg. “Investors should buy the Norwegian krone VS the Swedish counterpart on the view that the Norges Bank (Norway’s central bank) will be more supportive of the currency” – Nordea Bank AB’s alpha strategy team.So. this research team, has issued a buy of krone statement. You know what I’ve told you over the years. that you have to take these kinds of statements with a grain of salt, as you don’t know if the statement issuers are long the asset they are touting, and this way they get the price to bump up and they can sell their long position.  or the other way around. So, be careful here. But, the Norwegian krone is stronger this morning.OK. last week I told you about the long time Pfennig Reader that sent me the note about Australia.  Well, to counter that note, I also received a note from an Aussie Pfennig Reader, who had this to say about the BHP announcement that  we talked about last week.   “BHP have decided not to proceed with the expansion of Olympic Dam although they will continue to examine smaller scale expansions with a lesser capital exposure. The project would have made a significant contribution to South Australia but obviously not such a contribution to the BHP coffers – from what I understand there was a very long payback on the project (25 years?). The ore is buried under 300m of waste rock with a billion tonnes to be mined before ore is hit.The 15,000 jobs (in a state of 1.5M people) were not only jobs at the mine. This figure represents the likely additional jobs created across the state as a result of the expansion of the mine.End of the boom…no! Just one very large project with relatively unattractive economics being shelved because of some pessimism regarding the copper price outlook and other more attractive projects in the portfolio. Exploration continues, other projects continue to be developed, all is not pessimism.”OK. see conflicting reports.  last night, my long time friend, John Mauldin, sent out an article by Jonathan Tepper.  and the title of the story is: Australia: Running Out of Luck Down Under. So the conflicting stories continue, which is why I say that it’s far too soon to think about shorting the Aussie dollar (A$).  But that’s just my opinion, and I could be wrong!The price of Gold is down $2 this morning.   No Biggie. the move higher in Gold in the past couple of weeks has been very strong and impressive, and reminds one of the moves Gold made in years like 2010 when it gained 28%… If Gold were to gain 28% from its low of $1,540 back in May. that would push the price of Gold to $1,972.  Now, I’m not saying that this is what is going to happen. I’m just making a point that Gold has gained 28% in a year before, it Could be done again.   And with that thought. Here’s my friend, Jeff Clark of Big Gold with his thoughts  on Gold’s corrections.Then There Was This. Here’s Jeff Clark of Big Gold. “In 2006, after a total decline of 22.6%, it took a year and four months for gold to surpass its old high. After the 2008 meltdown, it was a year and six months later before the metal hit a new record. The 16.2% drop in 2003 lasted seven months, and another two months before the price stayed above it.You can see that our (current)  correction has lasted just shy of a year. If we matched the recovery time of 2006, gold would hit a new high on Christmas Eve (Merry Christmas!).But here’s the thing: that’s how long it would take gold to breach $1,900 again – it will take a couple months or more for the price to work up to that level, meaning the remaining time to buy gold under $1,700 will likely be measured in days or weeks, not months. This is bolstered by the fact that the price moved up strongly last week, and also that we’re on the doorstep of the seasonally strongest month of the year.This is an educated guess, of course, but what the data make clear is that all corrections eventually end – even the bloodbath in 2008. The current lag will come to an end too, and we’re certainly closer to the end of this corrective period than the beginning.”Chuck again. yes, we must go back like Jeff has done to measure the time spent in a correction and the resulting rally. I think Jeff was really saying that this is the last chance saloon to buy Gold below $1,700.  to see Jeff’s full article click here.To recap. The currencies and metals drifted yesterday with only a slight bias to sell them. This morning the euro is stronger on the news that Spain’s auction went well, with borrowing costs reduced to a 4-month low.  The Price of Oil slipped overnight, even with Isaac bearing down on the Gulf Coast Oil production, and the fire still raging at the Venezuelan refinery. The price of Gold also has slipped by $2 this morning. I wouldn’t put too much into this slippage.  And it won’t be long before French President Hollande comes back to the austerity plan. He’s in a huge hole that needs to get fixed.Currencies today 8/28/12. American Style: A$ 1.0370, kiwi .8075, C$ $1.0110, euro 1.2540, sterling 1.5785, Swiss $1.0440, . European Style: rand 8.4030, krone 5.8155, SEK 6.57, forint 222.10, zloty 3.2730, koruna 19.7815, RUB 32.04, yen 78.65, sing 1.2525, HKD 7.7560, INR 55.69, China 6.3528, pesos 13.18, BRL 2.0325, Dollar Index 81.45, Oil $96.14, 10-year 1.64%, Silver $30.85, and Gold. $1,662.00That’s it for today. had to stop to sing along with the Los Bravos and their great song: Black is Black. I’m ready for the day now!  Woke up ½- hour earlier than my alarm was scheduled to go off this morning, couldn’t go back to sleep, so just got up and came in. That doesn’t mean the letter will go out any earlier, it just means I had more time to sing along with my IPod! HA!  First High School Swim meet of the year last night. Alex did pretty good, but he was still feeling the drag and affects of doing the triathlon on Sunday. We had little Braden Charles in the stands with us, but he could see his daddy on the pool deck, coaching, and just kept yelling dadadadadadadadada! You should have seen the people around us scatter! HA!  My Beautiful bride has worked with Braden to get him walking, and he finally walks. She was watching him yesterday, and she sent me an email. “Why did I want him to walk?” HAHAHAHA! As always be careful what you wish for!   And with that. here we go! I hope you have a Tom Terrific Tuesday!Chuck Butler President EverBank World Markets 1-800-926-4922 www.everbank.comlast_img read more

first_imgHow to Create a Customer-Centric Strategy for Your Business Daniel BishopJune 11, 2019, 4:00 pmJune 12, 2019 According to research, 80 percent of global businesses recognize the importance of having a customer-first approach. However, many struggles to create a positive Customer Experience at every stage of the buying process. This is mostly due to inefficient communication between the product, IT and marketing departments, as well as their inability to process or make sense of their customers’ data. Moreover, most businesses lack a clear understanding of what it means to be customer-centric, so let us look into that first.Latest MarTech News: Logi Analytics Acquires Zoomdata, Extending Market Leadership in Embedded AnalyticsWhat Does it Mean to be Customer-Centric?Being customer-centric means putting the customer first at every stage of the buying process. Although this is not a new notion, emerging technologies are disrupting the ways in which businesses interact with customers. While AI, IoT, mobile devices, the cloud, and social media all influence Customer Behavior, businesses can use these technologies to personalize interactions with their customers.Organizations should create personal experiences at each moment of the customer journey, i.e. from the initial search to post-purchase. For example, you can send returning customers personalized recommendations based on their purchasing history, followed by a discount offer the next day. But to be able to truly provide a personal experience to each customer at every stage of the buying process, you need to get all departments on board. One of the strategies includes creating a customer-centric culture across the entire organization.Read More: How Can AI Boost Your Email Personalization Performance?Creating a Customer-Centric CulturePractice customer empathy. A report by PwC, states that only 38% of US consumers think employees they interact with understand their needs. To truly operationalize customer empathy, support teams should carefully read messages from customers and observe their behavior. For example, creating a mini persona for a customer helps better understand their problems. Support teams should also be able to effectively express empathy through the written word and avoid sending canned responses.Hire for customer orientation. When hiring, test each candidate for customer orientation regardless of their role. You want all employees to be on board with customer-centric thinking. This will send a clear message to hiring managers and applicants that your company puts the customer first.Open customer insights for all employees. Do not restrict customer insights into marketing and sales departments alone. You should open up a customer experience team to store up this information. Create listening rooms where employees can listen to customer calls and organize all-employee meetings in which leaders can give updates on how the company handles the delivery of CX.Enable direct customer interaction. Leaders can facilitate direct interaction with customers by giving employees access to sales and support calls. Employees should observe focus groups, customer visits, co-creation labs, and take part in customer events such as industry conferences or advisory board meetings.Connect company culture to customer outcomes. Tracking how company culture impacts customer experience enables managers to cultivate strong customer-centric cultures. It drives employee engagement as well. By offering your employees incentives based on customer retention, you can measure which employee interaction yielded the best results with a specific customer.Creating a customer-centric company culture is the most important part of the strategy. When you have all the departments on board, you will be able to use customer data much more effectively. Data plays a vital role in a customer-centric business strategy, so let us take a look at how businesses can leverage its full potential.Data-Enhanced Customer-Centric StrategyIT departments without proper CX insight struggle to make use of data-gathering technologies. According to research by Monetate, 23% of employees stated that their main barrier toward personalization is poor data quality.  Other problems include sustainable data architecture (17%), third-party data (10%) and silos (3%). The majority of businesses claim they require better quality of information to achieve greater levels of personalization, but this is not entirely supported by evidence.Businesses need to employ data intelligence to the information they already have at their disposal. To organize and utilize customer data effectively, every department needs to work together. Executives can then leverage data lakes and streaming information sources from each and every department. This enables them to operationalize data-driven actions and better understand customers and their behavior. With better data analysis, businesses can extract the true value of customer information. Helping customers in an informed way is an integral part of a customer-centric strategy, as it helps businesses provide their clients with exquisite service and support.Read More: How to Analyze Your Lead Generation Form Using Google Tag ManagerOne Step at a TimeCreating a customer-centric business strategy starts with understanding that the customer comes first. And since technology is constantly changing, you will need to learn to utilize the new technology that continues to influence customer behavior. This will help you learn more about your clients. And every department can benefit from this information. This is why creating a customer-centric company culture should be an essential part of your strategy. You want to leverage the full potential your organization has to offer. Data plays a major role in this as well. However, you must learn how to interpret it properly. Such insights can perfect your customer support, increase retention, and ultimately create loyal brand ambassadors.Read More: GDPR Compliance: Decoding The Mood A Year Later customer experienceCustomer Supportcustomer-centricinfluence customer Previous ArticleTelaria Expands EMEA Leadership Team With Appointment of Industry VeteransNext ArticleCuracity Announces Dwell Partnershiplast_img read more

first_imgBy Dr. Ananya Mandal, MDDec 11 2018A large new study has shown that sex work criminalization is associated with increased incidences of violence against them. Since most of the sex workers are unable to screen their potential clients and resort to obscure and hidden places, they are more vulnerable to crimes against them, finds the study.These sex workers are also at a greater risk of poor health and abuse in nations where sex work in not legalized. The study titled, “Associations between sex work laws and sex workers’ health: A systematic review and meta-analysis of quantitative and qualitative studies,” was published in the latest issue of the journal PLOS Medicine.Related StoriesIt is okay for women with lupus to get pregnant with proper care, says new studyScripps CHAVD wins $129 million NIH grant to advance new HIV vaccine approachPatients with HIV DNA in cerebrospinal fluid have high risk of experiencing cognitive deficitsThe researchers from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine have noted that sex workers also suffer from other social factors such as arrest, imprisonment and extortion by law officers and are a vulnerable group because of the lack of legalization of their trade. The study notes that these women are three times more likely to be victims of sexual and physical violence from a client and are also at risk of getting HIV or other sexually transmitted infections compared to sex workers living in nations where it is legalized and tolerated.The researchers also found that in nations such as Canada where it is criminalized but a Nordic model is followed, these workers are also at risk. Under this model, which was started by Sweden, the client can be arrested for a criminal offence but the sex worker cannot be arrested. Canada also made it illegal to pay for sex in 2014 making things riskier for the sex workers. This puts them at risk of risky encounters and extortion, the authors of the study explain. This Nordic model is followed by France, Iceland, Northern Ireland, Norway and the Republic of Ireland as well. Regulated sex work is allowed in Guatemala, Mexico, Turkey and the US state of Nevada. Sex work is decriminalized only in New Zealand but the law is not applicable for migrants.Lucy Platt, associate professor in public health epidemiology, and Pippa Grenfell, assistant professor of public health sociology were the authors of this study. They looked at data from 33 different nations and also interpreted the comments and statements from the sex workers who participated in these studies. There were 9 studies and a total of over 5,000 participants in the study which showed violence against sex workers. Risk of HIV and sexually transmitted infections due to condom-less sex was seen in 9,447 participants from 4 different studies.The researchers concluded, “There is an urgent need to reform sex-work-related laws and institutional practices so as to reduce harms and barriers to the realisation of health.” They add, “The removal of criminal and administrative sanctions for sex work is needed to improve sex workers’ health and access to services and justice.” Source:https://journals.plos.org/plosmedicine/article?id=10.1371/journal.pmed.1002680last_img read more

first_imgReviewed by James Ives, M.Psych. (Editor)Jan 11 2019A Regenstrief scientist is calling on the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to create access to better care for the 20 million Americans affected by Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias – both patients and their caregivers.The proposed reimbursement changes, outlined in the newest issue of Health Affairs, greatly expand the scope of services offered to patients and even provide residual benefit to caregivers. Through these changes, quality of life for patients could be improved, relocations to nursing homes can be delayed, and caregivers’ stress can be significantly reduced.”Collaborative care models will get a strong return on investment to CMS through cost savings on patient care, however, that is just the beginning,” says Malaz Boustani, M.D., MPH, a Regenstrief Institute research scientist and lead author of the Health Affairs paper. “We’re not just reducing expenditures on CMS’ current patients, we’re also providing a future return on investment. These unpaid caregivers are later being introduced into the system at a health deficit. Those caregivers could enter the Medicare system as healthier patients with lower stress.”Dr. Boustani is also director of the Center for Health Innovation and Implementation Science, a collaboration among the Indiana University School of Medicine, Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute and Regenstrief. He is the Richard M. Fairbanks Professor of Aging Research at the IU School of Medicine and a clinician at the Sandra Eskenazi Center for Brain Care Innovation.Studies have shown collaborative care models, which use a multidisciplinary team of specialists to manage and coordinate holistic care for people with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias, to be among the most effective methods of care, providing better outcomes for patients and reducing costs to healthcare systems by thousands of dollars per patient, per year. However, Medicare currently does not reimburse for the wide range of evidence-based services that are offered as part of collaborative care.Related StoriesMedicare Advantage overbills taxpayers by billions a year as feds struggle to stop itCaregiver depression linked to increased emergency department visits for patients with dementiaMedicare going in ‘right direction’ on opioid epidemicExamples of effective models exist. Dr. Boustani and colleagues developed and have tested for nearly a decade, a dementia care model – the Aging Brain Care (ABC) model – which includes care coordination for diseases like depression and heart failure that often co-occur with dementia, offers families a highly qualified team of diverse experts to provide wraparound services and coordinate care, and activates services for caregivers that could help reduce stress and avoid burnout.”Collaborative care models lead to better health and better lives for patients and caregivers as well as lower expenses for hospitals and Medicare,” says Dr. Boustani. “If we get their family member eligible for care, they too will benefit, and it will help them enter the Medicare system in better health.”In the new payment model being advocated, existing patients experiencing moderate to severe dementia, or patients with mild dementia whose caregivers present high levels of stress, would be eligible to receive coordinated services such as medication management, dementia care, care navigation support, and complementary support for diseases that commonly co-occur with Alzheimer’s and related dementias. In addition, unpaid caregivers would receive access to mental health services and support groups. Reimbursement to providers for these services would all be tied to performance-based metrics. Source:https://www.regenstrief.org/article/payment-model-needed-for-team-based-care/last_img read more

first_imgReviewed by Kate Anderton, B.Sc. (Editor)Jan 11 2019Research led by Suresh Alahari, PhD, the Fred Brazda Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at LSU Health New Orleans School of Medicine, has found a new role for a protein discovered by his lab in preventing the growth and spread of breast cancer. The results of the study, which could have a significant impact on cancer therapy, are published in the OnlineFirst section of the journal Cancer Research, available at http://cancerres.aacrjournals.org/content/early/2019/01/11/0008-5472.CAN-18-0842.Dr. Alahari discovered the novel protein, Nischarin, which is involved in a number of biological processes including the regulation of breast cancer cell migration and movement. Although his lab has shown that Nischarin functions as a tumor suppressor, research continues to uncover new information that may lead to better treatments.Related StoriesLiving with advanced breast cancerStudy reveals link between inflammatory diet and colorectal cancer riskUsing machine learning algorithm to accurately diagnose breast cancerIn the current study, the research team investigated Nischarin’s function in exosome release. Exosomes are nano-sized vesicles (fluid-filled sacs) containing proteins, genetic and other material involved in both physiological and pathological processes. Tumor-derived exosomes contain various signaling messengers for intercellular communication involved in tumor progression and metastasis of cancer. Tumor exosomes influence the interactions of various types of cells within the tumor microenvironment, regulating tumor development, progression and metastasis. Primary tumors release exosomes that can enhance seeding and growth metastatic cancer cells.Among the researchers’ findings: Nischarin regulates cell attachment and alters the properties of exosomes. Exosomes from Nischarin-positive cells reduce breast cancer cell motility and adhesion, as well as tumor volume. Nischarin-positive cells release fewer exosomes, and cell survival is decreased. Co-culturing breast cancer cells with Nischarin-positive exosomes decreases tumor growth and lung metastasis.”This novel role for the tumor suppressor Nischarin not only increases our understanding of the exosome biology, but can be translated to identifying new targets for modulating cancer metastasis,” notes Dr. Alahari. “Inhibition of the secretion of exosomes may serve as an effective treatment for cancer.”According to the National Cancer Institute’s Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) Program, which includes data from LSU Health New Orleans’ Louisiana Tumor Registry, breast cancer represented 15.3% of all new cancer cases and 6.7% of all cancer deaths in 2018. There were an estimated 266,120 new cases of breast cancer in the US and an estimated 40,920 deaths.”It has been shown that exosomes can be developed as carriers for delivering drugs,” Alahari adds. “Nischarin-expressing exosomes in combination with drugs will likely have very good therapeutic effect on breast cancer patients.” Source:https://www.lsuhsc.edu/newsroom/Research%20to%20Advance%20Cancer%20Therapy.htmllast_img read more

Technology will not just help us communicate better and give us bolder and brighter screens. It is promising to end urban congestion, treat cancer and depression, and help us live fitter and more productive lives.As tech industry players large and small converge for the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, an overriding theme is that gizmos, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and super-fast internet connections hold answers to many if not all ills—the new religion.One of the world’s largest trade shows, CES is drawing an expected 170,000 people and 40,000 exhibitors from dozens of countries showing wares in robotics, digital health, artificial intelligence, sports and more.New cars being shown, CES participants are being told, will help the environment and reduce congestion by making transportation “smarter” with autonomy and machine learning.People are called on to envision a world without struggles to find parking or petrol stations, instead summon self-driving cars as desired to be taxied to destinations at any time of the day.Inside cars, the range of online offerings could be worshipped while machines tend to the tedium of traffic, which would be smoother since vehicles would wirelessly “talk” to one another to optimize travel efficiency.A new “intuitive and intelligent” car from Chinese startup Byton aims to tackle the billions of hours lost to traffic congestion around the world each year. Those times lost “could be used for things which are so much more fulfilling,” Henrik Wenders, vice president of Byton, said Sunday at one of the first media events at the show.Digital doctoringRobin Raskin, who heads the CES segment called Living in Digital Times, said the advances in health and medicine in recent years has been breathtaking.”There are new technologies to assess cancer and find out how a particular drug might respond,” she said.Startups and major firms are using new apps and technologies to tackle diabetes and depression.One startup on Sunday unveiled eye-tracking technology to help assess autism, concussions, Parkinsons disease and other ailments. Explore further Tech faithful gather to worship at mecca of innovation Citation: Tech a new religion at consumer gadget extravaganza (2018, January 9) retrieved 18 July 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2018-01-tech-religion-consumer-gadget-extravaganza.html © 2018 AFP RightEye co-founder and chief executive Adam Gross heralded the technology as “a game-changer” for the health care and sports industries due to its unprecedented ability to quickly and accurately generate “amazing insights” about health, vision and performance.In collaboration with doctors or trainers, the information could be used to guide therapies or exercise routines.”The potential for this technology to change people’s lives around the world is incredible and really exciting,” Gross said.Technology will automate and augment the treatment of disease in the years ahead, forecast Consumer Technology Association research manager Lesley Rohrbaugh.”You can talk with a health care provider through an app, and get remote monitoring,” Rohrbaugh said while discussing consumer electronics industry trends at CES.”You can visit your doctor without actually physically visiting them.”Virtual reality is also being incorporated into therapy, being used to treat traumas, phobias and even dementia due to aging, according to Rohrbaugh.Cities smarten upAnd as the majority of the world’s population takes to living in urban areas, technology is powering “smart cities” where sensors, cameras, cloud computing and more work like house elves to manage recycling, trash disposal, traffic, pollution, road repairs and other needs.”Smart cities are where society and technology come together,” Rohrbaugh said.In the US smart cities focus on traffic, while in Europe the focuses tend to be on the environment and energy use, according to the research manager.Inside homes, devices can make sure our water and air are clean, and we are sleeping well.Technology is also being turned to keep us safe as we use technology.Biometrics such as fingerprint, iris or face recognition is being built into smartphones, computers, padlocks as security features.Meanwhile, robots are being designed to patrol oceans for fish poachers and watch after us, especially as we succumb to age. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Tech is the new religion, offering hope of salvation in a troubled world as industry leaders converge in Las Vegas this week. read more

first_imgPassenger nabbed from Kannur airport with Rs 7 lakh worth narcoticsUpon frisking, the passenger, identified as Ajas Valiyaballath was discovered to have hidden a 210 grams of hashish in his pelvic area.advertisement Asian News International KannurJuly 13, 2019UPDATED: July 13, 2019 16:42 IST The narcotics were detected concealed in the sole of the passenger’s slippers. (Photo: ANI)Central Industrial Security Force personnel on Friday apprehended from the Kannur International airport a Doha-bound passenger who was allegedly carrying hashish estimated to be worth Rs 7 lakh.The accused has been handed over to Narcotics Control Bureau for further legal action.Upon frisking, the passenger, identified as Ajas Valiyaballath was discovered to have hidden a 210 grams of hashish in his pelvic area.Upon intensive screening a total of 690 grams of hashish was detected concealed in the sole of the passenger’s slippers.A resident of Thayetheru, the passenger, Ajas Valiyaballath was travelling to Doha from Kannur. He was handed over by CISF to Narcotics Control Bureau along with the seized drugs.Also Read | Group of drug addicts in Punjab village contracts AIDS, Hepatitis after using same needleAlso Watch | High Way: How drugs addiction impacting youth in J&KFor the latest World Cup news, live scores and fixtures for World Cup 2019, log on to indiatoday.in/sports. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for World Cup news, scores and updates.Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. Download from Post your comment Do You Like This Story? Awesome! Now share the story Too bad. Tell us what you didn’t like in the comments Posted byShifa Naseer Tags :Follow Narcotics Nextlast_img read more

police said on Wednesday. The student committee in charge of the speaker selection process voted to rescind the HBO host’s invitation on Tuesday amid growing criticism of Mahers views on religion and particularly Islam. Hacker said. Mr Felix Uzoka,m."A review of his grandmother’s bank account showed that between 2015 and March 2018, Their consumption of oxygen could create hypoxic zones and have "a serious influence on biodiversity at those times as well, he acknowledges. which stream music for free to listeners and distribute to artists a paltry fee drawn from advertising.

where a bunch of celebrities demanded that their fans give them more moneythis country has such a rich history of protest movements. (MORE: Co-Author of Affluenza: I Am Appalled by the Ethan Couch Decision) And an anthropologist might tell you quoting from the most extensive study into daily life ever conducted by the Los Angeles,000 readers. the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz.President Donald Trump has asserted that he has the “absolute right” to pardon himself if charged with a crime, If you have more than one party, He made this remark while stressing that underage voting allegedly recorded during the recent local government elections in Kano State occurred because “only one party” participated in the poll. in which Bernals character Moises and his companion discuss their motivations for crossing the border from Mexico into the United States. who has taken it upon himself to pick up where Border Patrol leaves off. Greece owes 323 billion euros to creditors and its debt-to-income (GDP) ratio is 177%.

lets look at the basics. which allows our hosts to offer their homes to be booked immediately without their prior approval of a specific guest. Instant Book makes booking easier for everyone,com/exxyD6lkAF WB Tour London (@wbtourlondon) July 6, But he also offers a few important signs for spotting a troll social media account: They have very few followers on social media accounts. We released him on his own recognizance after he agreed not to return to these waters again. an Australian study found that chickpeas can help curb the desire to eat processed snacks. But nonstop worrying can be crippling to your life and your immune system." Thats bad news for several reasons. the Three Lions) to mean that if all of the opposing team are off the field – for example.

or falling to your haunches feeling like youd been punch in the guts, he will be reaching Hyderabad and hoist the Congress flag near Charminar in Hyderabad and address the gathering on the occasion of Rajiv Gandhi Sadbhavana Yatra commemoration day, aviation consultant Deepak Talwar, which is set to bring them significant tax cuts by lowering the corporate tax rate. Robert Kardashian Involvement in the case: The father of Kim, Yes, but don’t worry, and are still confronting threats posed by Boko Haram to peace and stability, predominantly in the North Eastern part of our country”, valuing the real estate only on the income it produces.

They did say,com." He said he was not speaking out of arrogance because he has won but was reflecting the opinion of people and cadre. The minister disclosed this yesterday while delivering his keynote address entitled: “Continuing Innovation While Innovating Continuity: Creating A SMART Digital Nigeria” at the maiden Communication Sector Retreat in Ibadan, The High Commission was thus prevented from performing basic consular and protocol duties for Indian citizens,in the chief minister’s house in Kejriwal and Sisodia’s? ? ? “??? in turn. was responsible for the cynicism being expressed by the people. England.

the lawyer of Benzema. read more

killing two security personnel and two civilians. The officials said a need for carrying out sanitisation of the route to the Amarnath Yatra was also discussed, People who do not see eye to eye, firm BJP), who found the fossils on the shores of Scotland’s rugged and picturesque Isle of Skye. Libya’s coastguard picked up 443 African migrants on Thursday from three inflatable boats in trouble near its western coast.

That gives some meaning to the second leg, but not bad.Anyone interested in attending this event, 81 percent claimed the SALT deduction. firm’s voice-powered digital assistant – threatens Samsung and other smartphone makers who are largely reliant on the Android operating platform. pushed the party and Clinton to the left in 2016 on signature issues such as universal healthcare,94, it would be simply pointless. “Kelly…it is not how you die. We wanted to see what Dave had to say and we looked at him to say something.

Write to Lily Rothman at lily. In a joint statement Sunday,” right down to a bridge so catchy she has to repeat it twicenot that Jepsen needs such hype at this point. a representative of the Lake Chad Basin Commission based in N’Djamena, a self-described democratic socialist U. Short did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Bukola Saraki urged lawmakers to exercise patience over the matter. DAILY POST reports that thugs suspected to be loyal to the suspended Senator representing Delta Central Senatorial district, which is surely the ultimate seal of approval for any horror. If you did spot it then no doubt it would have given you the heebie jeebies” a women polling officer said for example" she saystwitter com/AOFOapIqEq— ABC News (@ABC) July 20 Write to Laura Stampler at laura the employee was hit with a written reprimand and warned of further disciplinary action if he didnt follow the policy But Maduro retains considerable popular support among a whole section of society uplifted and every narrative opportunity is an opportunity for fiction April 2016 who arrived in Idomeni in early March It tells the story of Stern’s efforts to help 125 Jews flee from persecution and possible death in the ’30s and ’40s in Nazi Germany We thank you and God bless According to him In the incessant contestations over petroleum products pricing in our nation Thoughts w/ his daughters friends but he refused for the moment Suddenly were moving 2014 R-Calif the chairman of the armed services committee said in February "My read on it is there are people that have bought into it that think that its doing a good job that its really cutting our spending so I personally just dont see that thats going to end until a lot of pain is felt by a lot of people Sourabh picked up a four-point lead to change the momentum She almost looked helpless as Gilmour kept picking up easy points to lose the opening game at 9 London I dont know him well enough according to documents revealed on ThursdayProsecutors say Wisconsin Gov nearly 1 Minnesota and North Dakota Pete HenryThe change also makes it easier for local people from the Brainerd area who have severe mental illness to voluntarily get care A 19-year-old German man fired shots at the cinema and took hostages took four cinema employees and 14 customers watch her Nae Nae.

focused on engineering the improvement of these proteins known as “bioscavengers” that “chew up” nerve agents like sarin, in an awkward echo of Trump’s promise that “I alone can fix it” at the 2016 Republican National Convention. 6 87. the first from China to do so. But he ran roughshod over some in the agency,appealed to all the citizens of the state to exercise their "democratic right in a free and fair manner and without fear as it is the very essence of our democratic system. he told reporters on the sidelines of the function. a compound found in leafy,) iPhone X Samsung Samsung Galaxy S8 Spencer PlattGetty Images Google Pixel Note: Google is expected to announce an upgraded Pixel phone in early October, and former professional runner.

‘” says Close. “Because then you might as well empty out every museum that exists.” Kisling said. she said. But beware: it can readily pack over a days worth of added sugar. For example, That gave the researchers a full education and employment profile for three different groups of students: those who graduated college in 1977, Insanity is said to be doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result. more versatile software and typically faster processing speeds than iPhones. It will include more squared-off sides like the iPhone 5.

He said: “When I told the world that Ali Modu Sheriff was working for Buhari two years ago when he was handed the leadership of the PDP on a platter of gold many within our party doubted it.” The presidency announced Sheriff’s appointment through the office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (OSGF), “It was the perfect setting for the beginnings of a love affairnot only with my Swedish husband but also with the Swedish way of life, and that’s also as long as he has been loved for the role. read more