Mook’s Award denied

first_imgDear Diary,Dis a Mook Lall again. Me know me only write yuh yestaday, but me come fuh tell yuh me na get none Award, an’ me blasted vex! Dem Bais bin tell me how me guh get waan a de Award Grain-Ja ah gi’e people who do somet’ing fuh de country. And YOU know how much me do; right, Dear Diary?? Me know me na do fuh de country – but me do damn plenty fuh APANU and KFC, right? An’ dem a rule de country now. Wha’ mek dem cyaan gi’e me wan award??Me na farm dat FUCOP group fuh gi’e big money to dem campaign? Da na count? Me cuss Jagdesh and PPCEE till wata na deh fuh wash dem. Da na count? But soon as APANU an’ KFC get into guvment dem fuhget all abee who help dem.Look who dem gi’e Award!! Baddam!! Wha Baddam do?? He only get fuh praise up Pee an See because me Muckrakah gi’e he wan jab. If he na had Muckraker wha’ he woulda do? Me na count? Goat bite me??Wha’ Griffin do? ‘E na even bin deh in Guyana!! Me na know half a dem pan de list; an’ me know everybody in Guyana!Dear Diary, yuh know wha’ mek me want de Award suh bad, right? Me na qualify fuh nothin’, suh me cyaan put nothin’ in front me name. People only respect people wid lettah in front ah dem name. Like “Dactah dis an’ Dactah dat!If me bin get wan award, me could put some letta AFTAH me name: Mook Lall, AA or BB or CC. Sound good, right Dear diary?  Now every-bady guh seh me a wan REAL Mook.Me woulda teach dem wan lesson, but me too shame.last_img

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