Blockchain Patents: Businesses Register Blockchain Patents

first_imgBitcoin and BlockChain were first invented in 2009. Over the last few years, numerous patents have been filed for how blockchain can be applied to applications other than as a currency.  Especially in the financial industry, the Bank of America has applied for more than 30 blockchain-related patents.More recently, Xerox has applied for patents related to records management. One of those patents has to do with the management of electronic healthcare records.  Xerox considered the case where there are a set of hospital systems or multi-national corporations that share a common ledger.Ritesh Gandotra, Director of Global Document Outsourcing at Xerox, wrote that “the current need of the industry is a solution that is not only innovative but also decentralised — a record management system that handles EHRs using blockchain technology. Historically, EHRs were never really designed to manage multi-institutional and lifetime medical records; in fact, patients tend to leave media data scattered across various medical institutes – as he/she moves from specialist to another or when visiting beyond your boundaries of your city. This transition of data often leads to the loss of past data.”Despite the many blockchain patents which have been registered, none have yet been approved.last_img

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