Heres how New Orleans musicians protested against proposed noise laws

first_imgWHEN MUSICIANS IN New Orleans learned that a proposed new noise ordinance could impact on live music, they held a protest.That protest took the form that only a protest by New Orleans musicians can, particularly when they reached the city council’s chambers:(LiveMusicNola/YouTube)There was due to be a meeting on Friday of the Housing and Human Needs Committee, at which the proposed ordinance on noise restrictions would be discussed, but that was cancelled, as The Gambit reported.A public rally against the ordinance went ahead on the day despite the cancellation.A statement from NOLA City Council said that they had been working to improve the city’s sound ordinances, and that “the lack of enforcement over time and of enforceable laws negatively impacts the quality of life in neighborhoods citywide and the health of musicians and employees, and also stymies development.”A study of New Orleans sound ordinances resulted in a report released in August 2013, and the plan is to turn this into law.However, the committee noted “there has been much public consternation over the perceived intent and impact of the ordinance”.A new meeting will be held on the issue on 27 January.The Music and Culture Coalition of New Orleans group is asking that any changes to the city’s noise ordinance “meet the needs of musicians and culture bearers”.It says that “a noise ordinance that threatens the culture of New Orleans not only damages the ability of thousands of people to make a living, lowers property values and endangers quality of life, but it puts the very identity and uniqueness of the City in danger”.Its petition has almost 7,400 signatures.Read: The New Orleans Rose has planned her wedding after THAT on-stage proposal>last_img

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