first_imgMONTREAL — A Canadian researcher says the number of children taken to hospital for suicide attempts and suicidal thoughts is rising, and more data and resources are needed to address the problem.Dr. Brett Burstein co-authored a study published this week that found the number of children who have been hospitalized in the United States for contemplating or attempting suicide doubled between 2007 and 2015 — to 1.12 million from 580,000.The Montreal emergency room physician says comparable national data isn’t available in Canada, but evidence suggests a similar trend is occurring.The Montreal Children’s Hospital reports emergency room visits for suicide attempts and suicidal thoughts have increased by 55 per cent rise since 2015 and now account for approximately two per cent of all visits.Burstein says one of the most disturbing findings to emerge from the American data was the fact that 43 per cent of the children taken to the emergency department were under the age of 12.He says the study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, shows a clear need for more mental health resources and emergency room preparedness, and better data collection in Canada so public health authorities can get a better handle on the problem.last_img read more

Rabat – Moroccan Princess Lalla Meryem extended a cordial invitation to hundreds or residents of a neighborhood in Marrakech to celebrate Eid Al Mawlid, on the evening of December 24.The eldest daughter of late King Hassan II ad sisters of King Mohammed VI offered a feast to commemorate the birthday of Prophet Mohamed (P.B.U.H.), which in 2015 coincided with Christmas festivities.The 53-year-old Princess invited the Marrakech neighborhood of Douar Slitine to celebrate the occasion with her, according to Arabic daily Al Ahdath in its Monday issue. The same source said that Princess Lalla Meryem gave firm instructions to invite each and every resident of the modest neighborhood of Douar Slitine to the feast.Auxiliary forces (Moqaddem), the daily revealed, visited the neighborhood and knocked on all doors to invite local residents to the party, which was held on the eve of the Eid Al Mawlid festivities. At least 500 people responded to Princess Meryem’s invitation to the royal residence in Marrakech where the celebration took place.According to the same source, guests enjoyed their time while savoring dishes of traditional Moroccan cuisine accompanied by local music. The feast ended with a ceremony chanting verses from the Koran and collective prayers in honor of Morocco’s King Mohammed VI and members of the royal family.Princess Lalla Meryem is the President of the Moroccan association in support of UNICEF, President of the Hassan II Foundation for Moroccans Residing Abroad, President of the Moroccan National Observatory of Childs Rights and President of the Hassan II Foundation for social works of former soldiers and ex-combatants.In July 2001, she was nominated UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador with a focus on women and children.Lalla Meryem is a member of the Honorary Committee of the International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children and President of the National Union of Moroccan Women (UNFM), since 2003. read more

SAO PAULO — Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche said Tuesday it will stop producing medicines at its Rio de Janeiro unit in Brazil, a new blow to a country whose economy appears to be in its most sluggish decade in 120 years.Roche said the move will take place within the next five years because that factory is not financially sustainable.Several big businesses have shown concerns about the future of the once booming Brazilian economy. The South American nation has hit strong headwinds since 2014, with few encouraging signs of a recovery since new President Jair Bolsonaro took office on Jan. 1.Roche said its layoffs in Rio will only begin next year. Its medicines in the South American country will be imported once the manufacturing unit is shut down and the company will keep its administrative units in Sao Paulo and Goias states.The company employs 1,200 people in Brazil, including 440 at the Rio factory. The unit produces drugs like anti-anxiety medicines Lexotan and Valium, tranquilizer Rivotril and sedative Dormonid.Also on Tuesday, airline Avianca Brasil, which filed for bankruptcy in December, announced the shutdown 21 of its routes in April and closure of its office at Rio’s international airport.In February, carmaker Ford closed its truck factory in Sao Bernardo do Campo, outside Sao Paulo. More than 3,200 people worked in that operation when the announcement was made and most of them are expected to be laid off in November. Authorities are trying to find a buyer for the plant, but have failed so far.Workers at the Volkswagen plant in the same city accepted a cut in their benefits just to keep their jobs, a rare move that the local union agreed with.Several other companies in financial difficulties have suggested they will not make big investments anytime soon, including companies that in 2017 promised to make new hires because of more flexible labour laws approved by Congress.The Getulio Vargas Foundation think-tank published a study on Monday saying the average growth of the Brazilian economy between 2011 and 2020 could be the worst since it started measuring in 1901, at 0.9 per cent a year. From 2011 to 2018, it has averaged 0.6 per cent growth.The once-bullish Sao Paulo stock market, meanwhile, is now jittery about prospects for a major overhaul of the pension system meant to help the economy improve. Far-right President Bolsonaro backs the measure, which would delay or trim benefits for tens of millions, but it faces increasing resistance in Congress.Economist Andre Perfeito said in a research note to clients that “the longer Brazil’s economy remains weak, the more difficult it will be for Bolsonaro to get the reform approved in Congress.”Brazil’s government has boasted that February’s job figure is a sign a that recovery could come after all. More than 173,000 jobs were created, it said, the best figure in five years. Still, almost 13 million Brazilians are unemployed, also according with government figures.The economic crisis is often dramatized in the shape of colossal lines outside job centres in major cities any time new openings appear. More than 15,000 people showed up at a centre in Sao Paulo after 6,000 jobs were announced. The positions offered included telemarketing operator, salesman and supermarket cashier.Thirty-eight-year-old Gerson Alcantara, who has been unemployed for six months, was one of the people in line from the early hours of the day. He has already worked as a security officer and a driver, but said he would take any job he is offered. He is not hopeful about the future, though.“The crisis has gotten a lot worse,” Alcantara said.Asked if the approval of a pension reform by Congress would make the country’s economy recover, he was skeptical. “That will only improve things for the rich,” Alcantara said._____Savarese reported from Madrid.Andre Penner And Mauricio Savarese, The Associated Press read more

2 April 2009The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) today urged policy makers gathered in Germany to include farming in their negotiations on an ambitious new international greenhouse gas reduction pact which will replace the Kyoto Protocol. More than 2,000 delegates from government, business and industry, environmental organizations and research institutions, are meeting in Bonn, for the first of a series of three sessions designed to culminate in a draft climate change treaty for discussion at the high-level UN-backed conference in Copenhagen in December.Crop production and livestock release large amounts of greenhouse gas into the atmosphere, including methane from cattle and wetlands, nitrous oxide from fertilizer use and carbon from deforestation and soil degradation, according to a news release issued by FAO. The agency warned that annual greenhouse gas emissions from farming – already accounting of 14 per cent of the world’s discharge while another 17 per cent comes from deforestation and soil degradation – are expected to increase in coming decades due to a rise in demand for food and shifts in diet.“But millions of farmers around the globe could also become agents of change helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” said Alexander Mueller, FAO Assistant Director-General on the occasion of the ongoing UN negotiations.By keeping higher levels of carbon in the soil – a process known as “carbon sequestration” – farmers can help reduce carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere, enhance the soil’s resilience and boost crop yields, according to FAO.“Agricultural land is able to store and sequester carbon. Farmers that live off the land, particularly in poor countries, should therefore be involved in carbon sequestration to mitigate the impact of climate change,” said Mr. Mueller, who also noted that farmers and their families, particularly in poorer countries, will become victims of climate change.Farmers can alleviate agriculture’s contribution to climate change by reducing tillage, increasing organic soil matter and soil cover, improving grassland management, restoring degraded lands, planting trees, altering forage and by sustainable use of animal genetic diversity, using fertilizer more efficiently, and improving water management.However, Mr. Mueller said, “Current global funding arrangements, like the Clean Development Mechanism [CDM] under the Kyoto Protocol, are inadequate and are not offering sufficient incentives for farmers to get involved in climate change mitigation and adaptation. “For example, soil carbon sequestration, through which nearly 90 per cent of agriculture’s climate change mitigation potential could be realized, is outside the scope of the Clean Development Mechanism under the Kyoto Protocol. Neither climate change mitigation, nor food security, nor sustainable development, benefit from this exclusion.” read more

Activist Namal Kumara was arrested by the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) today.The Police said that Namal Kumara was arrested in Warakapola. Namal Kumara had last year revealed details of a plot to kill President Maithripala Sirisena and former Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa.He was also seen yesterday in some of the areas affected by violence.

by News Staff Posted Sep 11, 2012 10:11 pm MDT NEW YORK, N.Y. – The U.S. government’s debt rating could be heading for the “fiscal cliff” along with the federal budget.Moody’s Investors Service on Tuesday said it would likely cut its “Aaa” rating on U.S. government debt, probably by one notch, if budget negotiations fail.If Congress and the White House don’t reach a budget deal, about $1.2 trillion in spending cuts and tax increases will automatically kick in starting Jan. 2, a scenario that’s been dubbed the “fiscal cliff,” because it is likely to send the economy back into recession and drive up unemployment.A year ago, Moody’s cut its outlook on U.S. debt to “negative,” which acts as a warning that it might downgrade the rating, after partisan wrangling over raising the U.S. debt limit led the nation to the brink of default.Rival agency Standard & Poor’s took the drastic step of stripping the government of its “AAA” rating on its bonds on Aug. 5, 2011. Fitch Ratings issued a warning of a potential downgrade.In its report Tuesday, Moody’s said it is difficult to predict when Congress will reach a deal on the budget, and it will likely keep its current rating and “negative” outlook until the outcome of the talks is clear.In Washington, Moody’s action didn’t spur the politicians responsible for making a deal to sit down at the table.House Speaker John Boehner, a Republican, said he’s not confident that Congress can reach a deal and avoid a downgrade. No serious negotiations are expected until after the November elections.Boehner’s Democratic counterpart in the Senate, Majority Leader Harry Reid, was far more hopeful that “some kind of agreement” would be reached after the elections. Reid suggested that the results of the election will weaken the Republican Party’s resolve to block tax increases on wealthier earners and that Republicans will be more willing to compromise.Moody’s also noted that the government will likely again reach the debt limit by the end of the year, which means another round of negotiations in Congress on raising the limit if the U.S. is to keep paying its bills.“Under these circumstances, the government’s rating would likely be placed under review after the debt limit is reached, but several weeks before the exhaustion of the Treasury’s resources,” Moody’s analyst Steven A. Hess said in his report.Despite the rating cut last year from S&P and the warnings from Moody’s and Fitch, the U.S. has been able to continue borrowing at very low rates. That’s because investors are still buying U.S. government bonds, as economic turmoil in Europe and uncertainty in other parts of the globe have left U.S. debt and U.S. dollars looking like safe bets. In contrast, bond investors demand high rates from troubled countries like Spain and Italy.The stock markets plunged when the downgrade occurred in August 2011. The Dow Jones industrial average lost 634 points on the first trading day after S&P’s announcement. But Moody’s warning on Tuesday did little to ruffle traders. The Dow average rose 69 points to close at 13,323.Rep. Barney Frank, the top Democrat on the House Financial Services Committee, called the Moody’s action “nonsense.”There’s no risk of the U.S. defaulting on its debt obligations, Frank said in a telephone interview. He noted that S&P’s downgrade last year didn’t result in higher interest rates for the government. AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Moody’s says US government debt rating would be cut if no federal budget deal is reached read more

first_imgNRG Energy and JX Nippon Oil and Gas Exploration Corp report that the Petra Nova project — the world’s largest post-combustion carbon-capture system – has begun commercial operation at the W. A. Parish Plant in Thompsons, Texas, southwest of Houston. The project, which received $190 million from the US Department of Energy (DOE) and project management support from the Department’s National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL), demonstrates how carbon-capture technologies can support the flexibility and sustainability of fossil fuels at a commercial scale.The project is designed to capture 1.6 Mt/y of CO2 from an existing coal-fired power plant.“The Department of Energy is proud of its support of the Petra Nova project, and we congratulate NRG, JX Nippon, and all those who made this achievement possible,” said Christopher Smith, Assistant Secretary for Fossil Energy. “As the world’s largest post-combustion carbon capture system, the Petra Nova project confirms that carbon capture and storage technologies can play a critical role in ensuring the Nation’s energy security and providing good jobs for American workers, all while helping us reduce carbon emissions from coal-fired power plants.”The Office of Fossil Energy funds research, development and demonstration projects to reduce the risk and cost of advanced carbon technologies and further the sustainable use of the nation’s fossil resources.last_img read more

first_imgSHOCKING TROLLEY WATCH figures have revealed today that there has been a significant increase in hospital overcrowding since last year with a rise of 187% in patients on trolleys in one hospital.Dublin’s Mater Misericordiae University Hospital and St James’ Hospital both also saw an increase of 154% since last year. Just last month, more than 5,500 patients admitted found themselves on a trolley or in an emergency department.With this in mind, we want to hear about your experiences with overcrowding in hospitals. Have you or a loved one spent a night on a trolley? Were you left waiting for treatment in an emergency department for hours?Share your stories in the comments below…last_img read more

first_imgVerizon Wireless may not have the iPhone yet, but at least the door to Apple products has been opened with the carrier now offering the iPad in conjunction with a wireless data service plan. That doesn’t mean that Verizon is offering the 3G version of the iPad, though. The company has instead paired a Wi-Fi version of the iPad with a MiFi 2200 hotspot.The MiFi 2200 hotspot provides an Internet connection to the iPad or up to five Wi-Fi enabled devices. Verizon’s 3G solution for the iPad is different than the solution offered by AT&T which includes the 3G version of the iPad and therefore doesn’t require a device like MiFi to utilize a wireless data plan. Given that some may view AT&T as having a competitive advantage Verizon has embarked upon a television campaign to tout the marriage between the Wi-Fi iPad and MiFi.The MiFi 2200 is bundled with 16GB, 32GB and 64GB versions of the Wi-Fi iPad priced at $629.99, $729.99 and $829.99 respectively. Subscribers will be able to choose data plans with monthly allowances of 1GB ($20), 3GB ($35), 5GB ($50) and 10GB ($80). The 3G versions of the iPad are offered at the same price by AT&T as Verizon’s combo price which includes the MiFi. The major difference between Verizon and AT&T, besides the MiFi, is that AT&T only offers two data plans with monthly allowances at 250MB ($14.99) and 2GB ($25).Read more at Verizon Wireless and AT&TBrian’s OpinionWhen I first heard that Verizon would offer the iPad, but in conjunction with a MiFi hotspot, I kind of thought it was a silly idea. Yet, when you compare the data plans between the two carriers and you think about the fact that the MiFi is not only good for the iPad, but other Wi-Fi devices, the decision regarding which way to go is a head scratcher.Personally, I would go the Verizon route simply because of the flexibility the solution offers for possible needs that may arise with other Wi-Fi devices. I would admit that carrying a separate device for use with the iPad would be a pain though. That’s probably a big reason why many people choose the 3G version of the iPad as a solution.Still, the genius about the MiFi offering is that it is not necessarily just being marketed to folks looking for a new iPad. It is also being marketed to those who already have one. For some iPad customers who own a Wi-Fi model, but wish they bought a 3G one, they now have a way to take their current investment and use it the way they want. Considering the amount of Wi-Fi iPads out there the campaign to get people to pair a MiFi with a Wi-Fi iPad is a smart one.last_img read more

first_imgLearning a language is no easy feat. If you can manage to speak it in real world situations, you’re better off than most. Yet, there are times when knowledge of another language is necessary, but the parties involved are both at a loss. One of those times is war. Translation is an invaluable service, and Lockheed Martin is looking to facilitate that process.The service is called LinGO Link. Essentially, troops call an offsite location where the interpreters are based. By removing the translator from the battlefield, Lockheed is helping to make interpreters more accessible. The risk to a translator’s life is minimized while the translator’s reach is maximized.The exchange requires a customized smartphone, and it can work on cellular, Wi-Fi, or a tactical communications network. The soldier would also be able to send audio, photo, video, and text files to the interpreter during the call. Beyond the standard translation, interpreters can also offer soldiers what’s known as a “whisper-in-the-ear” which is information about the local culture, economy, laws, and other essential data.This can prove troublesome, however, when the network is compromised. Should the connection go out, then all translation is lost. On-site translators are expensive, but infinitely more reliable than a call center relying on network strength and security.While it is a good option, the call center cannot provide any help with body language. Language encompasses more than just spoken words, and body language varies nearly as much as spoken language does. Facial expressions provide invaluable insight to what’s really being said, because facial expressions, however subtle, often betray the words being spoken.I hope LinGO link won’t permanently replace onsite translators–no matter how good they are nuances can be missed and we know how crucial local understanding is. Do you think this should become the norm?See more at Lockheed Martin, via Wiredlast_img read more

first_imgDécouverte d’une nouvelle espèce de poisson en AustraliePubliant leurs travaux dans la revue Zootaxa, des chercheurs australiens ont découvert, sur la côte occidentale de leur pays, une nouvelle espèce de poisson de récif, dont le genre ne comprenait jusqu’à présent qu’une seule espèce connue.C’est à 13 mètres de profondeur, dans les eaux côtières situées entre les îles de Monte Bello et d’Adele, dans le nord-ouest de l’Australie, que des biologistes du Muée de Queensland ont découvert 12 spécimens d’une nouvelle espèce de poisson de récif. Jusqu’alors inconnue, celle-ci appartient à la famille des Aploactinidae et a été baptisée Pseudopataecus carnatobarbatus.À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?Ce groupe de poissons à nageoires rayonnées de la classe des Actinoptérygiens possède une peau à texture de velours, et parfois des épines venimeuses. La nouvelle espèce, atteignant 9,7 centimètres, est presque entièrement recouverte d’une épaisse muqueuse brun-verdâtre, à l’exception de la région entourant l’œil, d’où rayonnent de courtes et irrégulières stries blanchâtres.Le nom de l’espèce est dérivé des mots latins carnatio (“charnue”) et barbatus (“barbe”), en référence à la barbichette charnue présente autour de la partie inférieure du menton de P. carnatobarbatus, ont expliqué les ichtyologues à l’origine de cette découverte relayée par Sci-news.Le 14 avril 2012 à 12:55 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

1 dead in fatal crash with motorcycle in SW MiamiDade

first_img Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. SOUTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) – A motorcycle and an SUV crashed in Southwest Miami-Dade, leaving the motorcyclist dead.According to Miami-Dade Police, the SUV and a motorcycle collided near Southwest 115th Street and 137th Avenue, early Monday afternoon.The motorcyclist was pronounced dead on the scene.The SUV sustained extensive damage on the passenger side.There is no word on what if any injuries the driver of the SUV sustained.Police remain on scene investigating, and they have shut down Southwest 112th Street and 137th Avenue going northbound.Please check back on and 7News for more details on this developing story. last_img read more

first_imgThe Puerto Rican musical polyhistores Calle 13 plan to release the first single from their upcoming new album on Nov. 13. The new song, “Multi_Viral,” is a collaboration between the band and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, as well as edgy guitarist Tom Merello from Rage Against the Machine, Palestinian vocalist and musician Kamilya Jubran and Twitter users.Calle 13 frontman and lyricist extraordinaire René Pérez, known as “Residente,” visited Assange in London this past June. The meeting was broadcast live online and included a conversation on Twitter asking fans questions focused on topics of social injustice, an important aspect of the band’s identity.Using the hashtag #JulianAssangeCalle13, they asked questions such as, “Who do you trust?” in English and Spanish. They even provided fans with a method to record answers in the fans’ own voices.Referring to Twitter followers, Pérez told Assange, “We’re going to take their voice, what they’re saying, their idea, and we’re going to manipulate their idea and construct a song about the media.” The idea is “to talk about the bad media, but using their voices,” Pérez said.Calle 13 is known for addressing pressing Latin American issues and cultural elements in their music. Pérez founded the band with his stepbrother, Eduardo José Cabra Martínez, known as “Visitante,” and half-sister Ileana Cabra Joglar, who goes by “PG-13.” All of Calle 13’s studio albums have reached the Top 10 on Billboard’s Top Latin Albums chart.Calle 13 last performed in Costa Rica in March 2012, offering a free concert in a packed La Sabana Park in western San José at the International Festival of the Arts.Their new album is slated for release in March 2014. The band plans to release it independently after their recent breakup with Sony Music Latin. Facebook Comments Related posts:Calle 13, Alan Parsons to headline 2012 International Arts Festival Lineup announced for Envision 2014 Annual fest in Austin promotes Central American music in the U.S. Jacó Happeningslast_img read more

National Instruments to hire 170 new workers at Costa Rica operation

first_imgThe Austin, Texas-based U.S. company National Instruments (NI) confirmed on Thursday the expansion of its technical support operations in Costa Rica, which will include 170 new hires.Company recruiters are looking for workers in sales, customer service, marketing and engineering applications, including the areas of mechatronics, electronics and electrical and systems engineering.Since 2011, NI’s operations center in Costa Rica has provided technical support to customers across the Americas, as well as global support services.“Exports of value-added services increased from 12.1 percent in 1999 to 49 percent in 2013. This is due to the progress service companies have achieved at their operations in our country, which allows them to offer more sophisticated services,” Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency Director Jorge Sequeira said during a company announcement ceremony. “Costa Rica is becoming more attractive for knowledge-related operations.”National Instruments facilities are located at the Ultrapark II free zone in Heredia, north of the capital. Candidates interested in applying for a job at NI should send résumés by email to: Facebook Comments Related posts:Accenture announces 300 new jobs in Costa Rica Intel hiring for new Costa Rica operation 2 companies seeking 450 bilingual employees for Costa Rica operations Bosch opens business outsourcing company in Costa Ricalast_img read more

Index Says Oiland GasProducing States at Highest Risk for Home Price Increases

first_imgIndex Says Oil-and Gas-Producing States at Highest Risk for Home Price Increases Arch Mortgage Insurance Company Housing and Mortgage Market Review Price Declines 2015-07-08 Staff Writer in Daily Dose, Data, Headlines, News July 8, 2015 470 Views center_img Arch Mortgage Insurance (MI) Company, a provider of private mortgage insurance and a wholly owned subsidiary of Arch Capital Group Ltd., recently released their Summer 2015 Housing and Mortgage Market Review.The review contains the latest Arch MI Risk Index model results which revealed that the national average risk of price declines remains unchanged at 8 percent and North Dakota and Texas have elevated risks due to oil and gas exposure and higher home prices in relation to incomes.“The Summer 2015 edition of Arch MI’s Housing and Mortgage Market Review shows that, while the national average risk of price declines remains unchanged at only 8 percent, North Dakota and Texas continue to have elevated risks due to exposure to the oil and gas sector and higher home prices relative to incomes than in the past,” said Dr. Ralph G. DeFranco, senior director of risk analytics and pricing at Arch MI. “North Dakota and Texas are the two top oil-producing states  in the nation and remain the most at risk–with roughly a 1 in 3 chance of home price declines, on the outside chance that energy prices fall materially from here.”According to Arch MI, North Dakota and Texas are settled in the moderate risk category, with price declines of 38 percent and 32 percent, respectively.Total nonfarm employment fell by 1.8 percent in North Dakota for the past three months, the worst in the nation, and the state has experienced unusually rapid home price appreciation and population growth in recent years. As a result, North Dakota home prices have risen 15 percent above the historical trend relative to incomes.“North Dakota has the highest Risk Index value, with a 38 percent chance of seeing home price declines, particularly in its western energy-extraction boomtowns,” Arch MI said in the report. “The state has experienced unusually rapid home price appreciation and population growth in recent years, putting it most at risk if energy prices fall.”Meanwhile, Texas’ risk score remains high due to home prices that are the second most overvalued by 13 percent relative to incomes. However, the state is in much better economic and financial shape than in the early 1980s.The company also noted that Louisiana came in third with a 30 percent risk index, comparably high unemployment, and some slowdown in the energy sector.  Alaska finished at 28 percent and 20 percent of this states’ income comes from oil and gas revenue and its high-ranking stems from large state budget deficit and stalling employment.  Oklahoma wrapped up the top five as the fourth largest oil producer and a strong economy, with a 26 percent risk index“Our baseline assumption is oil prices will increase or stay flat, while the U.S. economy continues to add several million jobs a year,” Arch MI said.Click here to view Arch Mortgage Insurance Company’s Summer 2015 edition of its Housing and Mortgage Market Review. Sharelast_img read more

Housing Affordability Receives a Boost

first_imgHousing Affordability Receives a Boost Share in Daily Dose, Data, Headlines, News August 26, 2016 504 Views center_img With affordability becoming a major concern in many housing markets in the United States due to increasing price appreciation and low supply, house-buying power in the U.S. is receiving a boost from an unlikely source: the foreign monetary stimulus, according to analysis from First American Financial Corporation.“The monetary stimulus and negative interest rate policies of several central banks outside the U.S. continue to drive demand for U.S. Treasury bonds as investors search for positive yields, despite abating concerns over the fallout from Brexit. As a result, the yields on U.S. Treasuries remain at depressed levels and are keeping U.S. mortgage rates at record low levels,” said First American Chief Economist Mark Fleming. “The 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage averaged 3.57 percent in June 2016. These historically low mortgage rates and surging house-buying power are contributing to gains in affordability that many people overlook.”The foreign monetary stimulus is not the only thing helping affordability, however.“Rising household incomes and falling mortgage rates strengthened consumer house-buying power and affordability in many major metropolitan markets in June,” said Fleming. “Improving affordability for consumers often occurred in markets traditionally depicted as expensive or overpriced. Consumer buying-power-adjusted prices actually fell in these markets, thanks to rising incomes and low mortgage rates.”Real house prices (measures of price changes for single-family properties adjusted for impact of income and interest rate changes on consumer house-buying power) fell year-over-year in June in 27 of the 43 metros tracked by First American; house-buying power in many markets was sufficient to offset unadjusted home price appreciation, according to First American. Virginia Beach, Oklahoma City, Washington, and San Francisco all experienced year-over-year declines of 3 percent or more in June.“Counter to the conventional wisdom that housing is becoming less affordable in these markets, many house-hunters reaped the benefit of improving affordability in June,” Fleming said, adding that wage growth has contributed to greater affordability in markets where unadjusted home prices“Many markets that are often listed as the most expensive for housing are not as expensive as many believe when one accounts for the strong growth in household income within these markets,” Fleming said.Click here to view the complete First American Real House Price Index for June 2016. Affordability House Prices Housing Market 2016-08-26 Seth Welbornlast_img read more

Catanzaro comes through Much has been made of Chan

first_imgCatanzaro comes throughMuch has been made of Chandler Catanzaro’s struggles in clutch situations this season.There was the miss that potentially cost the Cardinals a win over New England as well as the one that did prevent a victory against Seattle. There were other kicks, too, like miscues in Miami in a loss to the Dolphins.Even last Saturday, against the Seahawks, Catanzaro came up short on a 53-yard attempt in the third quarter. But unlike in other games he missed kicks, in this one he had another shot late to come through.And come through he did, as the third-year pro drilled a 43-yard attempt through the uprights as time expired to lift the Cardinals to a victory. Needless to say, it felt good.“That was a powerful moment for me, for sure,” Catanzaro said. “Definitely got a lot of confidence from it. I’m glad that opportunity came when it did.“Like I said on Saturday, I’m just thankful for my teammates for setting it up; I’m proud of them for how they played. We’re never going to say die, like I said Saturday, we’re always going to fight, we’re going to claw.”It was not the first game-winning kick of Catanzaro’s career, after he had a pair last season in victories over the Bengals and Vikings, but it was the first time he made one on the road. Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires “That’s just me, going out there and playing,” Gresham said. “I put a lot into it so I have a lot of pride. That’s pretty much it.”Quiet off the field but not so much on it, the 28-year-old’s journey as a Cardinal has been at times a bumpy one. He first signed early in training camp in 2015 while still recovering from a back injury, and in 15 games last season caught just 18 passes for 223 yards and one touchdown. A small part of the passing game, Gresham often earned rave reviews for his blocking.“A lot,” QB Carson Palmer said of what Gresham means to the team. “Just starting in the run game and with the intensity he plays with, the passion he plays with. He’s a physical specimen; he can block defensive ends, he can catch the ball, and you’ve seen him run people over and stiff-arm people.“He just brings a fire and a passion. He loves the game, he loves practice, he loves being out there, and it’s contagious.”Palmer added that if there is a lull in a game or people are tired, they need to take a look at Gresham, who is bouncing around, fired up and “blocking people and telling them about it” for a little extra motivation. Top Stories Add in the fact that the clock was running and everyone had to get on the field, get set and run the play in a manner of seconds, and it was an experience Catanzaro won’t soon forget.The snap was on target, the hold was good and the kick split the uprights as time expired. On that play, everything worked the way it was supposed to.“That was a cool moment and something I’ll always remember,” he said. “Very powerful; it was definitely a moment of redemption and I’m just thankful the opportunity came when it did to finish the season strong.” “That intensity is contagious and it rubs off on all of us,” the QB said.Gresham did not come to the Cardinals an unknown, as he was a two-time Pro Bowler with the Cincinnati Bengals. He caught a career-high 64 passes in 2012, and posted a line of 62 receptions, 460 yards and five touchdowns a season prior to joining the Cardinals.But while his passionate play has led to some impressive moments, it has also at times cost the Cardinals. In last Saturday’s win over the Seattle Seahawks, a personal foul penalty on the tight end for taunting took Arizona out of field goal range. It was not the first flag Gresham earned for some post-play actions, as just a few weeks ago in Miami he cost the Cardinals 15 yards due to an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty in which he got into an opponent’s face and had some choice words.Now, in the case of what happened in Seattle, replays showed Gresham was on the receiving end of a cheap shot from Seahawks cornerback Jeremy Lane — one the officials did not see or penalize — and then while Gresham was on the ground, Seattle defensive lineman Frank Clark went over and said something that set the tight end off.After the play, Cardinals coach Bruce Arians was caught having a conversation with Gresham. The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo “Just calm down,” Arians said of what message he relayed. “You only get one of those — one more and you’re out of the game. We can’t lose you; we’ve got to have you.”Gresham went on to catch just one pass for six yards after the second quarter-penalty, and finished the game with 40 yards on two receptions.“It means a lot coming from B.A., that being said,” Gresham said of his coach’s support. “Just getting my emotions intact. It means a lot coming from B.A., having the support of your commander in chief, even through a tough time like that — I kind of lost my emotions there for a minute — and him still standing behind me says a lot about his character as a person.”Gresham’s personal fouls notwithstanding, Palmer praised Gresham’s maturation over the years. The two were teammates in Cincinnati in 2010 when the tight end was a rookie first-round pick out of Oklahoma, and Gresham said that bond is part of the reason why he came to Arizona in the first place.“There’s been times where I go out there and I kind of do my own thing, and he still finds me,” Gresham said. “So that’s just a rapport that we have, he just knows me very well, so that’s kudos to him.”center_img Arizona Cardinals tight end Jermaine Gresham carries the ball after a catching a pass against the Seattle Seahawks in the first half of an NFL football game, Saturday, Dec. 24, 2016, in Seattle. (AP Photo/John Froschauer) The Palmer-to-Gresham connection has been a solid one, and the tight end’s ability to help in the run game has not gone unnoticed. He has also produced some violent stiff-arms and at times been incredibly difficult to tackle. It has all come together at a good time for Gresham, as he is once again scheduled to be an unrestricted free agent.Last offseason, he took less money to sign a one-year contract because he believed in what the Cardinals were doing. Going into this offseason, he said he feels the same way.“I still have faith in this team,” he said. “More than anything, just a couple situational things this year that didn’t go our way. We didn’t play our best football but that doesn’t have anything to do about how we play.”Injury updateThe official injury report can be found here, and in it you’ll see receivers John Brown and Larry Fitzgerald as well as QB Carson Palmer and DT Frostee Rucker all missed Wednesday. There is nothing to see with them missing time, however, as all have been held out of practice on Wednesdays for rest and recovery. Defensive lineman Ed Stinson was sick, while cornerback Marcus Cooper — who missed Saturday’s win over the Seahawks — was limited. Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Comments   Share   TEMPE, Ariz. — Jermaine Gresham has been an Arizona Cardinal for nearly two full seasons now, and though his statistical impact has been rather negligible, his impact on the team cannot be understated.The seventh-year tight end who has caught 37 passes for 391 yards and two touchdowns this season has worn his emotions on his sleeves and helped serve as inspiration to the rest of his teammates, even if that is not his intention. Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

first_imgSightseeing is easy in Washington DC – almost all of the major attractions, from the US Capitol building to the Lincoln Memorial, are laid out along a park running through the centre of the city. There’s even a spaceship a few hundred metres from the White House.But really getting to know the city means striking off the beaten path to find some local hangouts, whether that’s sampling some craft beer or tracking down the best burrito in town. Here’s our guide to getting the most out of the US capital.1. Stare up at Abraham LincolnThe Lincoln Memorial stands at the far western end of the 3km-long National Mall, and the enormous (5.8m-high) statue of Abraham Lincoln is suitably imposing, especially since he appears to be pointing directly at you with his left hand. Some scholars explain this by suggesting that the sculptor, Daniel Chester French, intended for Lincoln to be spelling out his initials in sign language with his two hands; credence is given to the theory by the fact that French had a son who was deaf.If you can bear to turn your back on Lincoln, then you’ll see he has a magnificent view down the Mall with the famous reflecting pool directly in front. It was from this spot that Martin Luther King delivered his historic ‘I have a dream’ speech to thousands of marchers on 28 August 1963. An inscription marks the spot. RelatedPresidential addresses: looking for Abe in the land of LincolnWe go in search of one of the most loved US presidents, and one of the most famous figures in history, Abraham Lincoln.10 of the best national parks in the world to see autumn coloursBanff, Yellowstone and Zion are fantastic national parks to visit at any time of year. But here, we’ve chosen ten parks that have amazing foliage in autumn and are a little more off the beaten track, including leafy landscapes in the UK, the US and South Korea. Find out where…Everything you need to see and do in OrlandoIn the heart of The Sunshine State and home to the ‘happiest place in the world’, it’s hard to think of reasons NOT to visit Orlando. It’s scattered with dazzling attractions and wall-to-wall rollercoasters, but if you think this place is reserved for the most avid of theme park fiends?… Photo: Cliff, CC BY 2.04. Investigate spiesUnlike the museums on the National Mall, the International Spy Museum isn’t free and there’s often long queues for a ticket (top tip: you can reserve tickets online to ease the wait somewhat). The tone is also somewhat different from the more austere Mall museums – here the emphasis is on glamour and fun. You’ll see all sorts of spying accoutrements, such as a lipstick pistol and a pigeon camera, and you also have the chance to take part in several interactive experiences where you can pretend to be a spy yourself. It’s more James Bond than Kim Philby, but enjoyable nonetheless. 2. Climb the Washington MonumentAppearances are deceptive on the National Mall. The buildings and monuments are so huge and your line of sight is uninterrupted, meaning that everything seems closer together than it actually is. You’ll notice this most when walking towards the Washington Monument; at first it feels like it’s not getting any closer, but when you _finally _reach the base you’ll be astonished by how enormous it is. At 169 metres it’s the world’s tallest stone structure and, when it was finished in 1884, it was the tallest building in the world – at least until the Eiffel Tower was completed five years later.If you look carefully you can see that the lower part of the monument is a slightly different colour from the upper half – this is the result of an approximately 20 year hiatus in construction due to lack of funds, political infighting and the eruption of civil war, and when work resumed the marble was obtained from a different quarry. It’s free to go up the monument – a lift whisks you to the top – but you’ll need to arrive early to nab a ticket. It’s first come, first served, and tickets disappear quickly in peak season. Photo: urbanbohemian, CC BY-NC-ND 2.05. Probe the workings of governmentThe White House looks surprisingly small when you pull up out front, largely because the other buildings along the Mall are so freakin’ massive! You can peer through the railings around the gardens and get close enough to take a decent picture of the building, but if you want to go inside you’ll need to plan way before your visit: tours can only be arranged through your country’s embassy a minimum of one month and a maximum of six months in advance. 9. Enjoy a craft beerThe craft beer scene in Washington is booming and there are plenty of local brews for you to try. The Bier Baron Tavern (previously the Brickskellar) is a wonderfully atmospheric place to go for a tipple thanks to its bare brick walls and live music, not to mention the 50 draft beers on tap and over 500 bottles from across the globe. Smoke and Barrel, on the other hand, tends to specialise in local brews, and newcomer City Tap House focuses on microbreweries.Posted by The Bier Baron Tavern on Friday, 4 May 2012Get more tips for US city breaks:11 best things to do in New York for freeFrom culture and sculpture to bridges and boats, here’s how to do NYC for free!Top 10 things to do in BostonCheers, beers and baseball, followed by clam chowder and revolt against the evil Brits. Welcome to Boston.Top 8 things to do in PhiladelphiaIf you’re planning a visit to the City of Brotherly Love, don’t feel overwhelmed by the wealth of things to do, check out our eight essentials.Find flights to Washington DCFind hotels in Washington DCSkyscanner is the world’s travel search engine, helping your money go further on flights, hotels and car hire.ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Map By contrast, it’s much easier to get inside the US Capitol building thanks to the new Capitol Visitor Center in the basement. Entry is free, and you can learn all about the history of the building and the US Congress as well as get a glimpse of the famous dome. 6. Wander through GeorgetownGeorgetown is now a neighbourhood of Washington, but it actually pre-dates the city by some 40 years, being founded in 1751. The oldest building in Washington can be found here – the Old Stone House, which dates from 1765 – and the various colourful constructions make for a refreshing change from the acres of white marble in the centre of the city. There are tons of great places to eat, including the rustic 1789 restaurant, and there are some interesting walking tours too, such as Spies of Georgetown.7. Eat a burrito in honour of the burrito guyFor 20 years Carlos Guardado sold burritos from a metal cart on the corner of Farragut Square. The ‘burrito guy’ became a famous local fixture who knew his customers by name and was always up for an extended chat. Apparently, he also made the most amazing burritos ever. In 2010 he passed away suddenly from a heart attack, and over a hundred mourning customers attended his funeral. Mexican food will never quite be the same again in Washington DC, but Pedro and Vinny offer a pretty decent burrito from their van on 15th Street – order one and spare a moment’s thought for the burrito guy. Perhaps one of the less sombre memorials is a cheery Franklin Roosevelt in his wheelchair. The statue was added to the Roosevelt memorial because there was so much controversy surrounding the original one which covered up his disability. 3. See a spaceship up closeThere are several free museums along the Mall, but the National Air and Space Museum is by far the best and also the most popular. The entrance hall houses a remarkable collection of historic vehicles as part of the ‘Milestones of Flight’ exhibition. These include the Spirit of St. Louis (the first plane to fly non-stop from New York to Paris), the Bell X-1 (the first plane to break the sound barrier) and, most exciting of all, the Apollo 11 command module, intact from its trip to the Moon. There are plenty of other remarkable exhibits further inside too, including Second World War fighter planes and some US and Soviet ballistic missiles. Photo: Chris Mulligan, all rights reserved8. Contemplate the memorialsIf there’s one thing Washington isn’t short of, it’s memorials. The World War II Memorial is on the Mall between the Monument and the Lincoln Memorial, and consists of 56 pillars representing the US states and other US territories. See if you can spot the two ‘Kilroy was here’ inscriptions…The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is more austere, consisting of a sloping wall inscribed with over 58,000 names; by contrast, the Korean War Veterans Memorial is more expressive, featuring 19 stainless steel statues of an army squad on patrol. The poses are uncannily realistic and you almost expect them to start moving at any moment.last_img read more

Call for collective action to address threats to the EU

first_imgJustice Minister Ionas Nicolaou and EU Commissioner for Security Union, Julian King, on Tuesday called for collective action to address threats facing the EU.King, who is visiting Cyprus to discuss terrorism, cybercrime and organised crime, said member states were on the front line in facing threats and underlined that measures taken collectively should reflect the interests and concerns of those states.Speaking at a joint news conference, both King and Nicolaou agreed on the need for collective action to address threats.“Terrorism, cyber, serious and organised crime are blind to borders, these are shared threats and we are better able to deal with them when we work together,” King said.He highlighted the need to combat radicalisation in communities, on the streets and especially on the internet, saying that “far too much illegal terrorist content is circulating online.”“Each of the terrorist attacks that we have experienced across Europe over the past year had a link to online terrorist content,” he said.The EU Commissioner acknowledged the important efforts that the Cyprus government had undertaken to implement the Passengers Name Records Directive (PNR) and added that Cyprus was a leader in dealing with the challenge of cyberthreats.He warned that despite progress made on the ground in Iraq and Syria in combating groups that often are behind encouraging or directing terrorist attacks, there should be no “false sense of security.”“Terrorism and extreme violent radicalised behaviour is a threat and a challenge that is going to be with us for some time and we need to maintain our efforts to deal with it,” he concluded.Nicolaou highlighted the need for collaboration among EU member-states in exchanging information.“Only through collaborating in this way we can pre-empt and crack down on such cases and crimes,” he said.The Cypriot minister briefed the Commissioner on the security measures and actions in critical infrastructures taken by Cyprus in dealing with terrorist threats.“We have, I would say, adopted and implemented to the largest extent EU policies and our effort will continue, so that in cooperation with other member-states we can address this threat,” he added.On cross border and organised crime, Nicolaou said that since early 2010 there were criminal elements active in various member states, including the Pink Panthers jewel thieves in Cyprus.Cyprus, he said, had called for further strengthening the exchange of information among the member-states and improved use of mechanisms on a European level.“We have taken many measures and we seem to be working in the right direction,” Nicolaou said, noting that the government had approved the latest legislative obligations such as the PNR directive, which were pending before parliament for final approval.You May LikeBrandsaverBuy your Samsung Galaxy S9 for lessBrandsaverUndo247 SportsBlackout Jerseys For Every NFL Team247 SportsUndoHealth & Human Research11 Natural Antibiotics Provided by Mother NatureHealth & Human ResearchUndo Two days of music to dance toUndoNew York state decriminalizes pot, stops short of Cuomo’s legalisation callUndoBale’s China move called off by Real MadridUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

leader of the Democratic Unionist Party. "Dirk has always been one of my favourite players.

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